How to Discuss Final Wishes with Your Loved Ones

Thursday, November 29, 2018
Discussing final wishes for funerals, cremations and burial is a very sensitive topic, whether it is for your funeral or the funeral of your loved one. Pre-planning a funeral and determining final wishes ahead of time creates a smoother journey for your family and loved ones for the road ahead.

Talking about final wishes and the possibility or finality of death is hard for most people and can cause some heightened emotions. Itís hard for people to be rational and calm when contemplating the death of their loved one. So here are some tips for bringing up this topic:

1. It is Your Choice to involve Family members in planning or not.

Some people may wish to have input from family members and devoted friends when planning their funeral. Others may simply wish to create their own plans and let the family know once plans are outlined or mostly finished. Itís up to you, and you can make the decision based on what makes you comfortable and feel that your wishes are being honored.

2. Arrange a Meeting.

Whether you are involving loved ones in the funeral planning or simply letting them know of your wishes, its best to arrange a meeting to discuss. Choose a time and place away from any holidays or family celebrations, where you can have privacy for total honesty. Also, let them know ahead of time what the meeting is about. This will make it easier for them to digest if they know what the meeting is about ahead of time.

3. Be prepared for Emotions and Conflict

If youíve chosen to have family and friends involved in your funeral planning or final wishes, come with an open mind. Even if you have a pretty clear idea of what you want, sometimes other people have some good ideas that havenít occurred to you yet. Itís also important to be open but firm.

Sometimes people have good suggestions, but there are other times where they attempt to push you into following what they want. Keep your preferences in mind while listening to other suggestions, and make the choices that honor what you want.

4. Put it In Writing.

Once funeral planning and final wishes have been decided, itís important to put them in writing with as much detail as possible. The more detail you have, the less potential for disagreement at a time where people are already emotional.

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